LWV-Needham Brings a New Level of Voter Information to

Needham Election 2018

Each year LWV-Needham brings information to voters for the local election.

Using our new website, Facebook, print media, a link from the Needham Patch, and an in-person forum, LWV-Needham Voter Services reached a large number of voters leading up to the Needham Town Election. Voters were clearly interested in knowing more about the candidates. Here’s what LWV-Needham did this year:
  • Prepared the Voters Guide, printed in the Needham Times. The printed guide included statements from all candidates for office, contested and uncontested, if they chose to reply.
  • Prepared the online Voters Guide at lwv-needham.org, which included the information in the printed guide plus statements from the 92 Town Meeting candidates, if they chose to reply. About half replied.
  • Hosted Candidates Night, attended by more than 100 people and shown and posted on The Needham Channel and at lwv-needham.org.
  • Shared the link to the online Voters Guide several times on Facebook, on the LWV-Needham page and on the Needham, Massachusetts, group page.
  • Offered rides to the polls, but this year no one called for a ride.
Is Anyone Out There Looking at Our Voter Information? YES!
  • The LWV-Needham/Needham Times Voters Guide was delivered to every home in Needham.
  • Candidates Night was attended by about 100 people, and many more viewed it on The Needham Channel or on lwv-needham.org.
  • In the month leading up to the April 10 election, there were 1,277 views of the Voters Guide at lwv-needham.org.
  • On Election Day alone (April 10), there were 987 visits to lwv-needham.org.
Of the 987 Election Day visits, 447 visitors came to our website from clicks from another site, including Facebook (166), search engines (152), Patch (116), and other sites (13).
Although turnout was 2,834 voters, only 13% of those registered, clearly people intending to vote were interested in being informed, and the best way to be informed was to visit our website www.lwv-needham.org!

Visits to LWV-Needham.org April 2 to April 12, 2018