Blanche Ames (1878 –1969) was born in Lowell. She was an American botanical researcher, artist, political activist, inventor, writer, and prominent supporter of women’s suffrage and birth control. In 1915, while serving as Art Editor for the Woman’s Journal and Suffrage News, she published a series of nine pro-suffrage cartoons leading up to the November 2, 1915 Massachusetts referendum on woman suffrage. After that referendum failed, she turned her attention to other women’s causes.

She co-founded the Birth Control league of Massachusetts in 1916. Her house and grounds in Easton are now Borderlands State Park.

The League of Women Voters of Needham displayed an exhibit on “The Suffrage Cartoons of Blanche Ames” at the Needham Public Library in March 2020, and the exhibit is also available on our website.

Photo: Wikipedia