The LWV of Needham Club

at Needham High School

The League of Women Voters of Needham at Needham High School Club began in the fall of 2018 as an official NHS club with faculty advisor Cathy Dowd, who is also a member of LWV-Needham. The founders were sophomores Eva Gorenburg and Eleanor Mackey, who also served as co-presidents for the first three years.

Lucy Mackey and Lauren Yee are the current co-presidents, and the club has over 30 members.

Student members are registered with the state and national Leagues and receive email newsletters from all three levels. The club meets regularly and develops its own programs, as well as working with LWV-Needham on special projects.

In 2020 The Needham Channel aired a news report on the LWVN Club at NHS.


Encouraging Students to Vote

In 2023, the Club produced a video featuring elected local, state, and federal officials, who encouraged students to exercise their right to vote. Produced entirely by the League of Women Voters of Needham at Needham High School Club.

Birthday Bags

The Club’s signature project is compiling and distributing “birthday bags” for 18-year-olds at Needham High. The bags contain materials encouraging voting and civic engagement, including a letter from a community member on the importance of voting, mini-constitutions, information on registering to vote and voting, and patriotic-themed gifts and candy.


The Club maintains an Instagram account where it posts information on elections and advocacy. Visit the club on Instagram.


Voter Registration

The Club hold voter registration events for students every year.

Get Out The Vote — Informed Voters

The Club puts up posters prior to elections to remind NHS voters of the election and direct them to information on voting and candidates running.

Participation in LWV-Needham Forums

Club members have participated in Ballot Question and Candidate Forums.


Ballot Question Forum, October 2019

Candidates Night 2022

Candidates Night 2021

Meet the Candidates 2021

Norfolk Co. Candidates 2020