Program Planning/Winterfest Thursday, January 13, 7 pm

Program Planning will be held remotely on Zoom. All members are welcome!

Our upcoming Winterfest and Program Planning meeting on Thursday evening, January 13, at 7:00 p.m. has shifted to a virtual meeting. As an in-person gathering, it was always a cozy event, but though we will not be able to share good food, we will nonetheless be full of good cheer and share lots of information, despite us meeting remotely. Here are our plans for the evening.
  • We will kick off with an update of the Town Meeting Member survey results, led by our Studies Coordinator, Rebecca Waber. Thank you to many of you who are TMMs and returned your surveys! This will be an opportunity to hear what the surveys tell us about the need for better TMM communication in all directions.
  • Marianne Cooley, Needham Select Board member and LWV-Needham member, will walk us through work to date on the Needham Unite Against Racism Initiative Working Group. The Select Board has approved NUARI’s vision statement and guiding principles, and our board has also adopted them. What does this mean for the town going forward? What can it mean for us, as we strive to meet its principles? We hope this helps jumpstart an increased focus on DEI issues for the Needham League.
  • Finally, we will help set LWV-Needham’s areas of emphasis for the next year.
We hope you will participate in this League-wide meeting! Registration is required.