2022 Civics Showcase: Students Advocate for Change

The League of Women Voters of Needham and the Needham High School Social Studies Department co-sponsored Students Advocate for Change, the Needham High School Civics Showcase, on Saturday, June 11 at 2-4 PM at Powers Hall, Needham Town Hall.

The Showcase featured 92 Needham High juniors in 47 groups who shared their research, materials, and positions in a science fair type setting. Over 80 attendees engaged the students about their issue areas.

The Needham League thanks everyone involved in this inaugural annual event!

Watch The Needham Channel News piece about the 2022 Civics Showcase. Thanks to Municipal Producer Yuxiao Yuan and The Needham Channel News for preparing this report.


Issues that Students Have Chosen to Showcase

Download Issues List PDF

Download the Floor Plan PDF

Table Issue Area Description of Advocacy
101A Mental Health/ Substances Rehab instead of prison for drug offenses.
101B Healthcare Pricing of prescription drugs in America.
102A Education Prioritize students’ mental health at school.
102B Public Safety Police reform.
103A Climate Change/ Environment Improved conservation of energy and advocating for increased energy efficiency.
103B Equity Solutions for equal sports media coverage at NHS
104A Climate Change/ Environment Adding solar panels to schools in Needham.
104B Minimum Wage Raising the minimum wage to improve quality of life.
105A Healthcare Free menstrual products in prisons, shelters, and schools.
105B Climate Change/ Environment Reducing plastic waste.
106A Climate Change/ Environment Pass the 100% Clean Energy Act to improve our economy and consumption in our community.
106B Immigration Equality and protection for immigrants.
201 Minimum Wage Lowering minimum wage to $11 for minors in Massachusetts.
202 Climate Change/ Environment Electrify the Commonwealth’s vehicle fleet.
204 Reproductive Rights Access to safe reproductive health services.
205 Climate Change/ Environment Massachusetts 100% renewable energy by 2035 bill, H.3288.
206 Gender Equity More girls in STEM, STEM opportunities, remove stigma that certain subjects are not for girls.
207A Reproductive Rights Easier access to emergency contraception.
207B Public Safety Reduce domestic violence.
301 Children and Families An Act to Lift Children Out of Deep Poverty.
302 Climate Change/ Environment Promoting that all new construction should accommodate solar energy.
303 Climate Change/ Environment Solar panels.
304 Guns Reduce gun violence.
305 Climate Change/ Environment Composting at Needham High School.
306 Education An Act to make childcare and preschool more affordable for working families.
401 Mental Health/ Substance Use Substance use and addiction prevention curriculum in elementary and secondary schools.
402 Climate Change/ Environment Make Massachusetts more sustainable.
403 Veterans Affairs Better treatment for, and the prevention of, homeless veterans.
404 Guns Removing the ability for normal citizens to own guns to increase public safety and decrease violence.
405 LGBTQ+ Rights Separate sex from gender on official documents (ex. drivers license).
406 Legal gambling Sports betting.
407A Reproductive Rights Easier accessibility to emergency contraception.
407B Mental Health/ Substances People who suffer from drug addiction to be held in rehabilitation facilities rather than jail cells.
501A Children and Families Ending child marriage.
501B Education Universal access to pre-kindergarten education.
502A Reproductive Rights Abortion rights.
502B Climate Change/ Environment Old growth forests.
503A Reproductive Rights Abortion rights.
504A Election Reform Needham should implement ranked choice voting in town elections.
504B Education Better race education in elementary/middle school.
505 Public Safety Train safety- changing the MBTA to be safer for riders and Boston area residents.
601 Education Making childcare and preschool more affordable for working families.
602 Mental Health/ Substance Use Proper substance misuse education in schools to prevent lifelong misuse.
603A Climate Change/Environment Reducing energy consumption through use of solar panels.
701 Mental Health/ Substances Eating disorders.
702 Animal Rights Against animal cruelty.

The League of Women Voters of Needham thanks Needham High School faculty and students, the Town of Needham staff, and our attendees and guests. We thank Needham Public Schools, Roche Bros. and the League of Women Voters of MA Lotte E. Scharfman Education Fund for funding the program, and door prize donors: Bertucci’s, Volante Farms, Roche Bros., Trader Joes, Cookie Monstah and Cafe Fresh Bagel.

The new civics education law requires all high school students to select a state or local issue and prepare an advocacy plan.

See our Student Advocacy Guide and How To videos prepared for student classroom use.