How to Run for Office and Town Meeting 2023

Guide and Workshop

Town Meeting

Town Meeting Member positions on the ballot include 3-year seats for eight from each of the 10 precincts (A-J) and one 1-year seats (due to vacancies) in precincts A, C, and I.

You can quickly determine your precinct by visiting and entering your address.

Town Offices

The following offices and boards will be on the April 11 ballot: Select Board (2), 3-year term; Assessor (2), 1 3-year term and 1 2-year term (due to vacancy); School Committee (2), 3-year term; Trustees of Memorial Park – Veteran (1), 3-year term; Trustees of Needham Public Library (3), 3-year term; Board of Health (1), 3-year term; Planning Board (1), 5-year term; Needham Housing Authority Board (1), 5-year term; Commissioners of Trust Funds (1), 3-year term; Park and Recreation Commission (1), 3-year term; Constables (2) 3-year term.


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Guide for Running for Town Office and TM


Watch How to Run for Office and Town Meeting

On Monday, January 10, 2022, on Zoom, the League of Women Voters of Needham presented a workshop for Needham voters interested in running for an elected board, office, or Town Meeting Member. Although the workshop was prior to the 2022 Town Election, most of the information is applicable to the April 11, 2023 Town election. The exception is any reference to all 240 Town Meeting Members running as was the case in 2022. In 2023, 83 of the Town Meeting Member seats will be on the ballot.

Above: How to Run for Office and Town Meeting panelists (clockwise) Town Meeting Member Kim Knickle, LWVN Voter Service Chair Karen Price, Select Board member Marcus Nelson, LWVN President Carol Patey, Town Clerk Tedi Eaton, and Town Moderator Michael Fee.

Watch the 2022 workshop below, from The Needham Channel.