Candidates November 3, 2020 Election

​VOTE411 Voter Guide has candidates’ background and responses to questions. Candidates for all federal and state district offices and contested county offices are included. Enter your address to find the candidates from all parties in your districts. Please note: candidates are still able to submit replies, and independent candidates were only recently announced and contacted. Please check back closer to the election.

What are the contested offices (more than one candidate for the nomination)?

President / Vice President, US Senate, US Congressional District 4 (House of Representatives), State Senate (Norfolk, Bristol & Middlesex District), County: Sheriff, Commissioners

Candidate information for Federal Offices: Following are the candidates for President/Vice President, US Senate and the US House of Representatives.

Candidates for US President/Vice President

BIDEN and HARRIS, Democrat

HAWKINS and WALKER, Green-Rainbow

JORGENSEN and COHEN, Libertarian

TRUMP and PENCE, Republican

Candidates for U.S. Senate

EDWARD J. MARKEY, 7 Townsend St., Malden, Democrat

KEVIN J. O’CONNOR, 55 Glen St., Dover, Republican

Candidates for Representative in Congress, MA Fourth District

JAKE AUCHINCLOSS, 1 Salisbury Rd., Newton, Democrat

JULIE A. HALL, 140 North Main St., Attleboro, Republican

Candidate information for State District Offices: Following are the candidates for Governor’s Council, State Senator, and State Representative.

Candidate for Governor’s Council (Second District)

ROBERT L. JUBINVILLE, 487 Adams St., Milton, Democrat

(No Republican nomination)

Senator in General Court: Norfolk & Suffolk District (includes Needham Precincts D, E, F, G, H)

MICHAEL F. RUSH, 7 Bellaire Rd., Boston, Democrat

(No Republican Nomination)

Senator in General Court: Norfolk, Bristol & Middlesex District (includes Needham Precincts A, B, C, I, J)

REBECCA L. RAUSCH, 433 Central Ave., Needham, Democrat

MATTHEW T. KELLY, 75 Crescent Street, Franklin, Republican

Representative in General Court (Thirteenth Norfolk District)

DENISE C. GARLICK, 22 Trout Pond Ln., Needham, Democrat

(No Republican nomination)

Candidate information for Offices elected within Norfolk County: Following are the candidates for Register of Probate, County Treasurer, County Commissioner, and Sheriff. To learn about these offices visit our Elected Officials webpage.

Candidate for Register of Probate, Norfolk County

COLLEEN MARIE BRIERLEY, 125 Bond St., Norwood, Democrat

(No Republican nomination)

Candidate for Norfolk County Treasurer

MICHAEL G. BELLOTTI, 33 Bayberry Rd., Quincy, Democrat

(No Republican Nomination)

Candidates for Norfolk County Commissioner (Vote for two)

JOSEPH P. SHEA, 6 Heritage Rd., Quincy, Democrat

RICHARD R. STAITI, 9 Burns Ave., Canton, Democrat

HEATHER HAMILTON, 75 Longwood Avenue, Brookline, Unenrolled Independent

(No Republican nomination)

Candidates for Norfolk County Sheriff

JERRY P. McDERMOTT, 94 Pond St., Westwood, Republican

PATRICK W. McDERMOTT, 55 Dixwell Ave., Quincy, Democrat

Ballot Questions: There are two ballot questions. Following are the questions plus links to additional informational resources.

Question 1: Motor Vehicle Mechanical Data.

A YES VOTE would provide motor vehicle owners and independent repair facilities with expanded access to wirelessly transmitted mechanical data related to their vehicles’ maintenance and repair.

A NO VOTE would make no change in the law governing access to vehicles’ wirelessly transmitted mechanical data.

Question 2: Ranked-Choice Voting.

A YES VOTE would create a system of ranked-choice voting in which voters would have the option to rank candidates in order of preference and votes would be counted in rounds, eliminating candidates with the lowest votes until one candidate has received a majority.

A NO VOTE would make no change in the laws governing voting and how votes are counted.