Watch the three-part webinar series What’s Up with Offshore Wind? Current Status – Future Plans – Getting It Done for a deep dive into the Northeast’s offshore wind industry.

All three webinars are available for viewing below.  ​

Co-hosted by the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts and New England for Offshore Wind.

Webinar I: Collaboration and Ambition: Where Offshore Wind Stands Now

September 14, 2023, 4-5 pm Eastern Time

In the first of a three-part webinar series on offshore wind, three speakers discussed the status of offshore wind projects in the Northeast, the red flags of misinformation and disinformation about offshore wind development, and the small actions you can take that can have a big impact on offshore wind’s success.

Webinar II: Opportunities and Obstacles: Costs and Benefits of Offshore Wind

November 16, 2023, 4-5 pm Eastern Time

The deployment of offshore wind projects in federal waters off the US East Coast is central to the Northeast states’ near-term climate and energy goals, but reaching those goals cannot come at the expense of people, wildlife, and the environment.

In this second of a three-part webinar series on offshore wind, you will learn about the costs and benefits of offshore wind projects in the development pipeline and how project developers plan to protect people, wildlife, and the environment; and how stakeholders are working to ensure those plans rely on best practices founded in sound science and data, respect marginalized and overburdened communities, and drive economic justice for all.

Webinar III: Conflicts and Solutions: Overcoming Offshore Wind Opposition

January 18, 2024, 4-5 pm Eastern Time

Supporting responsible offshore wind development means understanding the best pathway for achieving our climate goals. Continuous and rigorous engagement among stakeholders can raise awareness of the best environmental practices, community needs, and equitable economic opportunities that can come with responsibly developed offshore wind. However, misleading information and intentionally deceptive campaigns about offshore wind make it more difficult to find the right balance of environmentally sound and equitable development with climate imperatives.

In the final installment of this three-part webinar series, you will learn about opposition messaging prevalent in the Northeast offshore wind sector and best practices for setting the record straight about this important clean energy resource. You will leave with access to a practical messaging guide and social media tool kit to help you identify and counter deceptive messaging practices.