Who We Are

The League of Women Voters in Needham comprises two complementary organizations, The League of Women Voters of Needham (LWV-Needham), and LWV-Needham Education Fund.

LWV-Needham, established in 1940, is a membership organization with the following goals:

  • Encourage informed and active participation in government
  • Increase understanding of major public policy issues
  • Influence public policy through education and advocacy

LWV-Needham is a 501(c)(4) entity.

LWV-Needham Education Fund, established in 2015, is a non-member organization with the following goals complementary goals:

  • Educate people on the importance of their participation in government, in the political process, and in their home community
  • Create awareness of issues at the local, state and national levels and what average citizens can do to have an impact on their government
  • Instill in citizenry the knowledge of their role and responsibilities in managing their own government

LWV-Needham Education Fund is a 501(c)(3) public charity.

The two organizations have separate boards, governance, and finances, but are linked in all aspects of our program. Neither organization would ever endorse or support political candidates or parties.