LWV-Needham Highlights and Accomplishments 2016-2017

NeedhamVOTES 2016: A series of activities for the Fall 2016 election

  • Award-winning July 4th float with voting theme
  • LeagueReads program; read “E Is for Election Day” to all Needham 5th-graders
  • Eight public service announcements to encourage voting (with Needham Channel)
  • Two ballot question forums (marijuana and charter schools)
  • Voters’ Guide for November 2016 state election
  • Guest columns in local papers encouraging informed voting
  • Spread the word on voter registration and early voting in Needham

Annual Civics Bee (with Needham Schools)

Needham High School Voter Registration Drives (125 registrations)

Public Forums on the following topics:

  • Snow Removal and Winter Safety in Needham
  • Preserving Needham’s Natural Treasures
  • Environmental Voter Project
  • Affordable Health Care for Our Communities: Still at Risk?

Support for local elections 2017

  • Candidates’ Night for local election 2017
  • Needham Times and on-line Voters’ Guide
  • Rides to the polls

Warrant Meetings/Orientation for new Town Meeting Members

Website and Facebook page keep voters informed

Public service television productions (with the Needham Channel)

  • Needham Town Meeting-Making Your Voice Count
  • Needham’s Elected Boards