The League of Women Voters (LWV) is a 3-tier membership organization of National (LWVUS), State (LWVMA), and Local (e.g. LWV-Needham) Leagues.

Each League conducts its educational and political actions based on positions derived from a consensus of its member-ship following formal studies of issues. The steps for developing Local positions include:

  1. The study or restudy of an issue usually is proposed by interested members at the program planning meeting in January.
  2. The membership must approve the study at the annual meeting in June.
  3. The study committee (a) researches its issue, (b) produces a report and/or presentation for the membership, and (c) develops consensus questions if it wishes to affect its League’s positions.
  4. The Board of Directors must approve the consensus questions.
  5. The study committee presents its findings and any consensus questions to the membership.
  6. Non-study committee members lead the discussion of consensus questions and interpret the results for the Board of Directors.
  7. The Board of Directors may translate the consensus find-ings into new or revised positions which it presents at the annual meeting.

A Local League may not hold positions that contradict the National or its State League positions; however, it may take action based on the National or its State League positions rather than going through the process of developing its own.