Watch the 2019 Civics Bee!

2019 Civics Bee

The Democratic Town Committee won the 2019 Needham Civics Bee, held on March 24 at the Broadmeadow School.

The Bee featured a full slate of 25 teams with a mix of 20 predominantly student teams and 5 predominantly adult teams. The winning team correctly answered the question “What is the current party composition of the U.S. Senate?”

See Civics Bee page for general information on the Civics Bee. A video of the 2019 Bee will be coming soon.

2019 Civics Bee Resources

Websites: Local Government
Local Government Committee Member Handbook
Pages 1-3, 5-7

Thirty-minute video about Needham Town Meeting
“Needham Town Meeting–Making Your Voice Count”

The League of Women of Needham
Your Government>Elected Officials
Your Government>Needham Government
Elections and Voting

Websites: State Government
The League of Women Voters of Massachusetts
Check out Your Government and Voting.

Wikipedia: Massachusetts Government

Websites: National/U.S. Constitution
The National Constitution Center

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services – Study Materials for Civics Test

U.S. Constitution for Dummies, by Michael Arnheim

The Words We Live By: Your Annotated Guide to the Constitution, by Linda R. Monk