Program Planning/Winterfest Thursday, January 14

Program Planning and Winterfest is an annual all-member League event. The “Winterfest” portion is the potluck/social hour, which we will sadly miss this year. But, we will have presentations and discussion specific to areas the League is working on or might want to pursue.
This year Program Planning will be held on Zoom on Thursday, January 14, from 7:00-8:30 pm. Program Planning 2021 will focus on two topics: Needham’s elected boards and offices and Needham housing.
LWV-Needham has been conducting a study of Needham’s elected boards and offices for the past several months. The 12-member committee is currently in its research phase and has assembled information on other towns, election history for the past 30 years, and laws governing boards and offices. The committee has just begun interviewing all 54 Needham elected officials. The study committee will present what it has learned so far.
Needham housing has been a League action priority for the past several years. A small LWVN committee has formed so that the League can be a part of this broader community discussion. We will discuss issues and opportunities around this topic.
We will also have an opportunity discuss other current and future League actions.​