Our Climate is Changing: Must we change? Can we? Will we?

An Educational Session at the Go Green Needham Expo, November 10, 2018

Stephen Frail, Climate Reality Project and Green Needham

The Climate Reality Project is focused on climate change education and countering climate change denial campaigns worldwide. The organization is a consolidation of two environmental organizations, the Alliance for Climate Protection and The Climate Project, both founded in 2006 by former Vice President Al Gore. Gore has described the group as bipartisan.

Since its establishment, The Climate Reality Project has trained over 17,000 individuals (as of the 39th training in August 2018 in Los Angeles) representing 126 countries as volunteer Climate Leaders for the project. As of 2015, the organization operated 10 branches worldwide and is active in over 30 countries.

Watch one of these individuals, our own Stephen Frail, present at the Go Green Needham Expo on November 10, 2018.



Watch the video.