Meet the League of Women Voters of MA

Legislative Specialists

Have you been meaning to learn more about LWVMA’s legislative priorities, but don’t have time to wade through the many bills that we are advocating for? Are you particularly interested in an issue and want to take a deeper dive?
Beginning in August, LWVMA’s Legislative Action Committee is hosting a series of “Meet with a Specialist” events where you can meet and talk with the dedicated League volunteers who are making things happen on the issues that you care about.

Women’s Issues

Wednesday, August 11 @ noon
LWVMA Women’s Issues specialists Jan Soma and Susan Loffredo will discuss these bills:
  • H.2020/S.1196 An Act relative to transparency in the workplace—bill addresses pay equity by gender and race
  • H.2399/S.1470 An Act to require public universities to provide medication abortion
  • H.1196/S.673 An Act ensuring access to full spectrum pregnancy care—bill would require health insurance coverage for all pregnancy-related care

Criminal Justice Reform

Wednesday, August 25 @ 7 pm
LWVMA Criminal Justice specialists Nancy Bettinger and Lucy Costa will discuss these bills:
  • H.2504/S.1578An Act to provide criminal justice reform protections to all prisoners in segregated confinement. This bill curtails use of solitary confinement.
  • H.1797An Act to reduce mass incarceration. This bill establishes the right to a parole hearing after 25 years in custody.
  • H.1826/S.920: An Act to promote public safety and better outcomes for young adults. This bill structures the juvenile justice system to include people from 18 to 20 years of age.

Elections and Voting

Thursday, August 26 @ 4 pm
LWVMA Elections and Voting specialists Nancy Brumback and Linda Freedman will discuss these bills:
  • H.805/S.459 An Act fostering voting opportunities, trust, equity, and security (VOTES Act). Comprehensive voting reform bill.
  • H.769/S.475 An Act supporting parents running for public office. Allow candidates to use campaign funds for child care.
  • H.3547/S.2261 An Act to establish free access to ride to elections in Massachusetts (FARE Act). Make public transit free on Election Day.
  • H.836/S.474 An Act to protect the voting rights of eligible incarcerated people. Voting assistance for those eligible and incarcerated.

Gun Violence Prevention

Monday, September 13 @ 12 noon
LWVMA Gun Violence Prevention specialists Jen Muroff and Sue McCalley
How can Massachusetts establish unarmed crisis response teams to 911 calls? Did you know that untraceable ghost guns circumvent the stringent firearm licensing process? Learn answers to these questions on Monday, September 13 at 12 noon when gun violence prevention legislative specialists Sue McCalley and Jen Muroff brief us on two bills designed to address these issues. We will also review our partnership with the MA Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence and their holistic approach to reaching zero gun deaths in the Commonwealth.
We will cover the following bills in more detail:
H.2491/S.1540 An Act Relative to 3D Printed Weapons and Ghost Guns
H.2519/S.1552 An Act to Create Alternatives for Community Education Services (ACES)

Affordable Housing

Saturday, September 18

11 a.m.
LWVMA Affordable Housing specialists Lori Stewart and Clare Gordon will discuss the League’s priority affordable housing legislation this session.
The following bills will be covered:
H.1808/S.921 An Act promoting housing opportunity and mobility through eviction sealing (HOMES)- eviction records sealing
H.1436/S.874 An Act promoting housing stability and homelessness prevention in Massachusetts- provide for legal representation in eviction proceedings for low-income tenants and some low-income owner-occupants
H.202/S.111 An Act improving emergency housing assistance for children and families experiencing homelessness
H.1373/S.867 An Act promoting fair housing by preventing discrimination against affordable housing- Prohibits exclusionary zoning